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Philippe Lehoux, CEO of Missive, is a successful online serial entrepreneur who has supported various businesses for 24 years. He started Missive after collaborating with his co-founders on ConferenceBadge.com, which led to the creation of a collaborative email drafting tool. Lehoux’s daily routine includes family, work, exercise, and work. He alternates between cardio days and weightlifting days, focusing on the most important tasks first. Lehoux’s approach to work involves following clear paths to success, focusing on one project at a time.The CEO of Missive, a team messaging and corporate inbox tool, is Philippe Lehoux. He has been supporting his online businesses out of his own pocket for the last 24 years.


From a free flash game site to an outdoor gaming competition, his city’s first coworking space, a $1 million badge printing software, and now the best collaborative communication app in the world, he has invented it all.


From where did the idea for Missive come?

My co-founders and I decided to explore with other ideas while working on ConferenceBadge.com because we got along so well. During an ideation session, Etienne, one of my co-founders, had the idea for a collaborative email drafting tool.

We felt it was clever and started working on Missive, a group email program.


What happens throughout a normal day, and how can you work to be as productive as possible?

Family, work, exercise, family, and work make up my everyday itinerary.

I have four kids between the ages of two and 10, so I spend a lot of time taking care of them. The majority of our meals are made by my wife and I, and eating breakfast and supper as a family is an important part of our daily routines.

Every day, I alternate between cardio days (stair climbing, jogging, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, road biking, swimming, etc.) and days where I lift weights.

Every day I arrive at work without a real strategy and complete whatever seems to be the most important assignment at the moment. This has been really helpful to me since it has allowed me to seize a number of last-minute chances.


How do you give concepts life?

I never work on several projects at once. Before the anticipated return materializes, I may focus and invest a lot of time in a single activity. I tend to follow concepts that have a clear route to success more often than not. If I hadn’t initially established ConferenceBadge, a business that could support our expenditures while we experimented with Missive, I never would have started working on Missive.


Which fashion trend most motivates you?

Software used for group cooperation.


Which of your behaviors helps you be more productive as a business owner?

I work out every single day.


What advice would you give to yourself in the past?

Take care of yourself. I was able to work constantly for hours on end and days on end in a row throughout my early years of employment. My body eventually felt the effects of this. Starting with better procedures would have been ideal.


Tell us a fact about which almost no one agrees with you.

Mobile devices are compatible with HTML/JS apps. Just one HTML/JS app is called Missive. If we were required to manage two or three different code bases, we would never be able to compete with such a tiny staff.


What is the one thing you consistently do as an entrepreneur and advise everyone else to do?

Communicate with your customers while focusing on your product or service. You must be focused on adding value for your (possible) customers since that is why you are in business.

Additionally, being an entrepreneur entails both your actions and your inactions. Please read our blog article on the things we did not do while obtaining a $2 million ARR to provide an example of this abstract point.


What is a tactic you have used that has helped your business grow?

creating in-depth material that highlights the differences between Missive and rival products. On such pages, Google constantly gave us good rankings.